Arcade Royale: Call for Submissions

Alright cats and kittens, the time has come.

Word on the street is that indie arcade cabs are pretty much the coolest. People (real people) have been clamouring for A Cab Of Our Own—and well, we say, clamour no longour! We hereby announce:


Say it. Taste it. Roll it around in the glass. Accidentally drip a bit of it on the tablecloth, and cover it with salt so it doesn’t stain. Oh that’s fresh.

We have spoken with local hardware hackers The Buttonmashers, who are at this very second devising beautiful things for a beautiful cab (peep the work-in-progress pictures, the last four or so here). Suffice it to say, this could look heavenly.

We have the hardware, now we need the games.

Your games.

We’re looking for: 4-6 titles from local Montreal developers—and perhaps a few special features from abroad—that are ready for awesome-sweet arcade parties. More submissions == a more delicious Royale. Needless to say, this is a FOUR-PLAYER CAB, and we’re most interested in games that take advantage of the affordances that offers! That said, we’re also totally interested in seeing creative uses of this control configuration. If you see those four joysticks as dual sets of twin sticks for two-player terror: GO FOR IT. If you think those four-button arrangements would work curiously well as directional controls: GO FOR IT. If you are convinced that the entire set of controls is just a rough stand-in for an unfathomable, alien control panel that drives devices of eldritch power: for the love of all things holy, GO FOR IT. (And then maybe talk to your therapist about those strange dreams you’re having.)

You have what it takes believe in yourself.

Ideas? Questions? Give us a shout by email or in the comments down below, and let’s make some happy.