Well hey there, Sir or Madam.

Have you heard? The Prince of Arcade is two days hence, and it’s looking pretty magical. We’re storming an art gallery and projecting some of the latest in beautiful arcade-style indie games on the walls, toasting our health, and incredibleing the night away. And there’s a superlative Facebook event, for all your legally-binding informational needs!

Oh, and then there’s this: we’re unveiling the Arcade Royale.

We’ve been working hard with local hardware hackers the Buttonmashers and several local developers over the past few weeks, and good heavens are we excited about this thing. Five absolutely delicious multiplayer arcade games from Montreal developers (and one special visitor from out of town!) are loaded up and ready to rock you like a tropical depression at the Prince of Arcade. It’s overwhelming!

Let’s get to know our arcade guests, won’t you?

Commander by Ephemere Games

Fuzzer by Henk Boom
"Fuzzer," by Henk Boom

Game Game Videogame by Joachim Despland

Pax Britannica by No Fun Games

Verteidiger by Kenny Backus

Special Guest: Thrustburst Arcade by Umlautgames

We’ve had the pleasure of playtesting these games in the Buttonmashers dojo, and the results are astounding. We’ll be talking more about each game in the weeks to come, but for now head over to the Buttonmashers website for some sweet, arcadey video action.

Wait, you want more? Okay. Okay, fine. But don’t say we didn’t warn you.


B-Cycle, by Collectif IN-Média, is an thrilling bicycle journey… THROUGH THE HUMAN BODY.

We’re pumped (oh ho ho ho.)

Oh, and hey, our co-organisers the Dirty Rectangles heard you like arcades, so they’re packing a minivan full of goodness, hitting up the T-Can, and unveiling their own classy cocktail cabinet: the Ottatron! Now you can play some arcades while your friends play arcades at the Prince of Arcade!


And if that weren’t amazing enough, our friends at die gute Fabrik have hacked their fabulous Johann Sebastian Joust to bring us a brand new creature: Joust of Canada, a Boards of Canada physical bonanzarama. Will there be swords? There may be swords.


Throw in some surprise special guests, and there is no excuse to miss this! Literally, if the 2012 conspiracy were more than a silly fancy, and the world really were to come apart—a year early—in the coming week, and John Cusack’s Cessna was the only safe harbour left in the world, we would bring the party to the plane and rock these games across the planet Earth.

See you there.

Long Live the Prince.

Facebook event


Arcade Royale: Call for Submissions

Alright cats and kittens, the time has come.

Word on the street is that indie arcade cabs are pretty much the coolest. People (real people) have been clamouring for A Cab Of Our Own—and well, we say, clamour no longour! We hereby announce:


Say it. Taste it. Roll it around in the glass. Accidentally drip a bit of it on the tablecloth, and cover it with salt so it doesn’t stain. Oh that’s fresh.

We have spoken with local hardware hackers The Buttonmashers, who are at this very second devising beautiful things for a beautiful cab (peep the work-in-progress pictures, the last four or so here). Suffice it to say, this could look heavenly.

We have the hardware, now we need the games.

Your games.

We’re looking for: 4-6 titles from local Montreal developers—and perhaps a few special features from abroad—that are ready for awesome-sweet arcade parties. More submissions == a more delicious Royale. Needless to say, this is a FOUR-PLAYER CAB, and we’re most interested in games that take advantage of the affordances that offers! That said, we’re also totally interested in seeing creative uses of this control configuration. If you see those four joysticks as dual sets of twin sticks for two-player terror: GO FOR IT. If you think those four-button arrangements would work curiously well as directional controls: GO FOR IT. If you are convinced that the entire set of controls is just a rough stand-in for an unfathomable, alien control panel that drives devices of eldritch power: for the love of all things holy, GO FOR IT. (And then maybe talk to your therapist about those strange dreams you’re having.)

You have what it takes believe in yourself.

Ideas? Questions? Give us a shout by email or in the comments down below, and let’s make some happy.