Mount Royal Proclamations

As we mentioned at last week’s meetup, there’s quite a lot in store to sate the palate of the sophisticated games connoisseur in Montreal. In no particular order by date:

Ludum Dare 22 (December 16-19)
The arbitrarily-regular weekend-long Internetional game jam is returning in just a few days to an Internet near you! Devote a weekend to variations on an LD-sanctioned theme.

Global Game Jam (January 27-29)
A similar game jam! One weekend! One theme! One love! We jammin’! Organisers at Concordia and l’ÉTS are putting together spaces for teams and individuals to get together over the weekend; we’ll be posting more about this as registration opens.

IGDA DemoNight (January 31)
The IGDA is throwing a demo night in January, and have put out an open call for submissions. If you’ve got a game idea rattling around, set yourself a deadline to show it to your peers (at least, the ones who don’t make it out to the meetups)! The deadline’s January 13th — grab those punch cards and get cracking.

Concordia Media Mix (February 4-5)
Concordia will be hosting a multi-disciplinary conference in February, focusing in particular on popular Japanese culture and contrasting it with the scene on this side of the pond. The games scene will also be showcased, with both Japanese and local titles playable on-site. Again, more info as it becomes available!

Toy Company Festival (February 11-12)
The local chiptune collective is putting on a two-day festival at the SAT, and they’re looking to showcase local game dev talent along with it. We’re looking for 4-6 games to fill the bill, with a few qualitative constraints: a non-reliance on music and sound (the tunes will be blaring pretty heavily), a retro aesthetic (SuperNES or backwards-Famicompatible), and an ability to be picked up and played while drunk (logistics). Easy peasy.
CONTACT US if you’d like to submit a game and take part in the celebration. And check out Toy Company’s upcoming 8-Bit Noël concert for a glimpse into how the night will go down.


Are you SO EXCITED yet? That’s good. There’s a tonne of interesting venues opening up, so start sharing ideas! Also we should probably do things like coding programs and making art and that stuff.

Video games! Let’s make ’em.


April Roundup

Well blow us down and refer to us collectively as a monkey’s uncle—this month’s meetup was an administrative success for all ages 18 and over!

After a quick rundown of coming events (read: go register for TOJam on Monday, April 11th), we came to the gooey caramel centre of things: the caramel and/or games. Francis Coulombe gave a sneak peek at his work on Prosthetic, a frenetic Genesis-era shooter for heavy metal metalheads Last Chance To Reason. And it was good. And then we played GIRP together, and Sumotori, and Winner vs. Loser, and those were good too. It was a pretty good night. Let’s keep this energy going for added multipliers!

All interested parties are encouraged in a totally non-judgmental and peer pressure-free way to come out for our weekly mini jams. The non-denominational fun goes down at Foonzo tomorrow (April 10th) any time after lunch—and as luck and cosmic circumstance would have it, that coincides with the first monthly Blitzkast jam! You literally have no excuse admissible in a court of law!



Sunday Mini-Jam Recap

Many moons ago (four), we postulated most heretically the possibility of getting together on a crisp Spring weekend to make merry, drink coffee, and work feverishly for three hours on arbitrary game prototypes—or at least, to familiarise ourselves with Unity.

An oracle was consulted; titles were chosen. Three hours later, it was all over. The dust settled. The smoke cleared. The noun verbed. The games revealed themselves to us, in no particular order (read: alphabetical order).

Armored Mahjong Insanity, by Brent Ellison
An arena shooter of matching tiles. Beware the bamboo. Appearing Q3 2012.


Bewildering Blimp Crisis, by Graeme Lennon
Missile Command meets “The Flight of the Valkyries,” with awe-inspiring results. Appearing Q3 2012.


Bizarro Unicycle of Mystery, by Nick Rudzicz
An artgame about regret, unicycles, and Unity rigidbodies. Appearing Q3 2012.


Romantic Dating of the Blood God, by Wesley Knee
A card game invoking Aztec Mayan blood sacrifices, slave trade, and monarchic rule. Appearing Q3 2012.


Secret of the Yak Bloodbath, by Kenny Backus
Yak herding simulator meets yak herding apocalypse. Appearing Q3 2012.



Fun times were had by all, and I think it’s safe to say that each of us learned a valuable lesson about peer pressure. Keep an eye out for future get togethers!