Meeting the Seconde

On the terrace

Our second meetup was the hottest one yet, pretty much literally because we were in the middle of the Summer’s worst heatwave in a room with no air-conditioning. But regardless! A great host of brave, horrendously dehydrated souls arrived at L’Amère à Boire to both quench their thirst and continue this analogy equating “eating and drinking” with “talking about game development.”

Darius Kazemi—of the IGDA‘s Board of Directors and co-organiser of the Boston GameLoop unconference—broke the ice by discussing the latter, and extending an invitation to one and all: it’s Saturday, August 28th, so mark your calendars. Darius then moved on to describe the emerging HTML5 web standard, as well as the fledgling Akihabara API for HTML5 game development (be sure to check out Darius’ and Darren Torpey’s Akihabara tutorials). After a few questions from the audience, the night moved on to our usual open-mike/open-laptop demo format, where devs could show off their works-in-progress, and chat and make merry with their peers.

As usual, a huge thank-you to all who attended, in particular Heather Kelley (our originally-scheduled speaker), who managed to make it up an inordinate number of stairs despite an impressive-looking leg brace; and of course to Darius for having driven all the way up from Boston to be with us for the evening.

We’ll see you all again soon.

For info on the first meetup, see Nick’s blog post.

Jason & Heather

(Thanks to Heather for the additional photos.)