THE PRINCE OF ARCADE 2011: En Sommaire

This past Wednesday, for the second year running, the Prince of Arcade came to town—giving MIGS attendees and game enthusiasts alike the chance to relax with their peer groups and play some amazing indie games. In no particular order, the following are things that made the evening rather spiffy:

The Games

La raison d’être. What would a video game party be without sweet sweet games?
(Check out videos and trailers here)


Arcade Royale

Crafted by hardware hackers The Buttonmashers, our new indie arcade cab made its first public appearance featuring some amazing local games (and a special guest from out of town!).
(More info here.)



Huge amounts of gratitude are due to the sponsors for their huge amounts of assistance. That is, several large ISO standard units of assistance.


Special Thanks

  • The Dirty Rectangles for all the help along the way, and for the unveiling of the amazing Ottatron!
  • The organisers at MIGS, for supporting the cause and getting the word out.
  • Battle Lava, for throwing down some incredible chiptunes.
  • Rich Lemarchand and Phil Fish for a seductively danceable DJ set.
  • And the kind folks at Eastern Bloc, for patience and professionalism in helping set up the event.

And because the magical memories are so dear, the cameras were rolling and caught some magnificent moments of the event itself (Let us know if you’ve got your own!):

  • The Dirty Rectangles documented their journey here.
  • Nick Rudzicz, co-organiser, has a Picasa set of the preparations.
  • Photographer Antonella Fratino captured some amazing shots here.
  • Sagar Patel also caught a bunch and popped them up on Picasa.
  • James Everett has a great set of shots from both MIGS and the Prince of Arcade here.

Encore une fois, merci à tous. It was époustouflant.

Let’s do this again sometime.

Long Live the Prince.
PS: And finally, a note to all our local MRGS friends—don’t forget that there’s a meetup Wednesday night, the 9th! We will meet each other there, and drink deeply from tall draughts of keen memories.